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  KeyleK_uk, Aug 16 2016

Does anyone play Brood war at all anymore on Iccup? (or at all?) I was thinking of playing some starcraft 2 but then realised brood war is such a better game, so I downloaded and installed brood war but the Nostalgia (map pun intended) got the better of me and I couldn't play knowing that all the friends and things that made it fun wouldn't be around, or at least I wouldn't see them.

Does anyone still play brood war at all as I would be interested in getting into it again, if people don't play brood war (or starcraft 2) what games, if any do you guys recommend. I've played plenty of hearthstone and things but its not really competitive like brood war or even starcraft 2 (or at least not in the way I am looking for)

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Nerdy Paleo Attempt
  KeyleK_uk, Jul 31 2015

Hi LP, last April I moved to Budapest due to cost of living/poker friends/night life, turned out to be a great idea, anyway I don't want to talk about poker much but it's going ok... I would like a 100k score or a 30k month in cash but it hasn't happened for the last couple of years but getting by ok, tournaments on stars cash games on other sites.

Anyway, when I was 17 I noticed that I was around 56kg and wanted to put some weight on so started to take gym super seriously and by the time I was 19 or so I was 70 kg benching something like 80 kg. Of course since then I had some girlfriends and have since drifted back to full on nerd mode from the age of 22 and have dropped back to 57 kg (I'm 5ft 8 and 29 years old now) eating whatever but not alot, smoking a bit too much and in general have felt just more unhealthy for the last year so feel it is time to take control of it before it is too late.

I elected to follow mainly a Paleo diet because aside from all the hype at the moment it seems obviously healthy, I have decided to include milk products because I really don't seem to have any lactose intolerance and I do not eat seafood so I feel there is some milk products I can get Omega 3's etc from (I've heard bad things about capsule Omega 3?). Although I am a somewhat picky eater but definitely see food as fuel so am trying to eat healthy and as much as possible now I am training (just as heavy as I can multi jointed exercises 12 down to 7-8 reps over 3 sets as I hvaent trained for years feels like a good approach for the first 2 weeks or so. I am also adding a large amount of whey protein, due to its ease and cost effectiveness.

My daily diet looks something like this

Frittata (chorizo/onions/peppers/sweet potato/eggs)

Then in my other two meals I've been eating a combination of chicken/turkey/bacon/gammon/salad/carrots/brocolli/bell peppers/cabbage/spinich/corn as there is not a lot more vegetables I really eat. I've also been adding a piece of fruit like a banana/apple daily and a glass of orange juice. I am trying to eat as much of the vegetables as possible but it's hard work .

I've been adding a multi vitamin and finding milk products for my omega 3's.

I've started taking creatine as well mainly because my ex housemate left a kilo here unopened and doesn't want it, and drinking plenty of water. I am snacking on half a dozen or so pistachios a few times a day.

i'm adding about 90 grams of protein through whey daily also, maybe overdoing it here, getting about 90 from whey and 60 from food daily. I have whey with water apart from before bed when I have whey with milk.

On my training days I am simply warming up using a rowing machine and using weights, while I am relatively unfit in general because I do not need to lose weight I am under the impression freeweights are also good for my cv health?

This is just a mismatch of things I've heard and thoughts I had since I was training when I was younger. The problem is when I was younger I obviously just exploded because of my age, also the main reason I am doing this now is for my health with looks/size a secondary factor, although it will help spur me on for sure if I get quick results. I know there is a ton of experts on here and if anyone could give me some advice about anything here.

Thanks in advance for your help LP.


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BTC for stars anyone?
  KeyleK_uk, Feb 01 2015

Hi, I'm looking to buy some btc for stars, I usually pay XE + 3%, let me know if anyone can help me at this price or come up with a counter offer if you want more. I need like 2-4

Thanks in advance

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